[Xamarin.Auth] How to string-encode object for FormEncode

Say I have an object called place that has 2 string properties and an object property that in turn has 2 string properties itself. How do I need to serialize this object to work with FormEncode of Xamarin.Auth?

The API documentation for this particular endpoint states:

place = object containing id and name, and a location field containing latitude and longitude


  • ZacharyGramanaZacharyGramana USMember Xamurai

    That's going to be endpoint specific. Many API's these days expect JSON for this kind of thing. Otherwise, for form encoding you may end up with something like foo.string1=bar&foo.string2=baz. It's up to the endpoint to property de-serialize that, however.

  • RockMeAmadeusRockMeAmadeus USMember ✭✭

    I couldn't figure it out, my bet is either JSON or PHP-like array notation or something like that.

    Im using different API endpoints now, where all is nice, well documented and comfortable JSON.

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