Dynamic XAML design in Forms

Hi guys. I am writing an app in Forms which has pretty busy UI. Lot's of buttons and labels. You can think of something similar to calculator. :) The logic of the app requires some partial changes of the UI layout, based on the button pressed event. Currently I implement the changes with code, and it looks ..err... ugly. It does the job, but the code is getting heavier and less readable and maintainable. So I'd like to use more XAML if this is possible at all.
So my question - is it possible to create a XAML UI, which will change the layout of the page based on the press button event or similar?
I've browsed through many XAML related sources but I couldn't find lot on the subject. The only answer I've got so far - change page to a different one. But this is not what I want. So is there a more elegant XAML based solution?


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    You can most certainly change aspects of your UI dynamically relating to actions the user performs. (even using XAML).

    The technique you use is very much going to depend on what you are trying to achieve specifically. For example, is it about moving items around, or is it swapping in and out controls, etc.

    Do you have something that gives us an indication of what you want to do... maybe a screen recording of what you have, or what you want?


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