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Xamarin Visual Studio with C# and AXML: What is the best way to link data to the User Interface?

rTechrTech HUMember

I'm creating a simple App in which some view elements are generated programmatically on runtime. I want some of the properties of these views to be bound to data (text for example), but I do not know how this is done in Android.

I'm familiar with WPF, where this is achieved with Data Binding, but this is not supported in Xamarin (unless I use something 3rd party like MVVMCross, which I'd rather avoid or an approach like THIS). So my qustion is: What is the best way to bind UI elements to data in Android? What is the common practise in, say, Android Studio, and how could I implement it in Xamarin with C#? I have something like THIS in mind, but this is Android Studio (I guess), so it won't work in Xamarin.

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