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OpenTK maintenance work

MigueldeIcazaMigueldeIcaza USXamarin Team Xamurai

Hello guys,

Some of our users have been wondering about the future of the OpenTK project, as it seems like it is not being actively maintained. We wanted to share with our community what our plans are.

Currently we use OpenTK in three places for Xamarin products: Android, iOS and Mac. These codebases have had some platform-specific bits for some time and have diverged slightly with some minor changes. At the same time, OpenTK got a handful of updates that are not yet part of the versions that we bundle with the product.

We are addressing those problems, and this is what we are currently working on:

  • Integrating OpenTK upstream improvements into
  • Upgrading OpenTK to support OpenGL ES 3.0
  • Open sourcing our Android, Mac and iOS specific changes and merging them into the upstream opentk
  • Address bug reports and feature requests from our community

The first task will ensure that mono/opentk will contain all the fixes and improvements that we need. We will keep working with the community to make sure that it runs on both Linux and Windows in addition to the platforms that Xamarin maintains.

We have been working mostly on the OpenGLES 3.0 upgrade, so users of devices with new features can take advantage of them.

The open sourcing of our extensions will allow developers to be able to upgrade OpenTK on their own for their applications in the future on any of the platforms that we support.


  • FrassleFrassle GBMember

    Are you taking the OpenTK updates just from the offical SVN repo or will you also be pulling in work done by the likes of MonoGame and andykorth?

  • MigueldeIcazaMigueldeIcaza USXamarin Team Xamurai

    We were only looking at the Subversion side of the house for OpenTK, but would love to hear about other places that contain important bug fixes.

    Can you share with us the locations?

  • FrassleFrassle GBMember

    I suppose the biggest changes are in andykorth's github repo and forks from that:

    He and others (including me) have recently been discussing the state of OpenTK and trying to get a reboot going. There's a google group set up (!forum/opentkr-dev) to talk about it, as well as some discussion in the github issues on andy's repo.

    It would probably benefit everyone to get Xamarin included in these discussions.

  • VengariothVengarioth DEMember

    Hey, i was just lead here by your post in the OpenTK forums. This is actually good news. I also followed the "The Future of OpenTK" issue discussion on github quite a while ago and was wondering if someone will take up initiative.

    Is there any plan to organize public contributions yet?

  • RobWilsonRobWilson GBMember


    I'm looking at creating a custom 2D chart rendering, with one option being that I have an interface that I implement in multiple platforms, or, maybe using a library such as OpenGL.

    Due to the latter option, I'm interested in whether OpenTK is a viable option for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows, maybe WinPhone7/8 too.

    If there's any documentation on integrating OpenTK with iOS and Android, I'd appreciate it, also, if I may ask whether it's a suitable library for doing lots of 2D canvas style stuff, i.e. line-drawings, text and various font-sizes.

    I don't mind writing the charts in a 30-60 FPS style as I'm considering some nice animations, so it could be advantageous to me doing the drawing low-level.

    Thanks in advance,

  • MigueldeIcazaMigueldeIcaza USXamarin Team Xamurai

    You can likely get OpenTK working on Windows if you install your own drivers, I do not think you will get this at all on WindowsPhone 7/8, so you really should look into using an abstraction layer.

    MonoGame would work for that scenario.

  • StefanosAStefanosA CHMember

    Quick status update: upstream work on OpenTK is now hosted on github (

    The master branch contains much-needed bug fixes, (partial) hi-dpi support and a brand new SDL2 backend for improved platform support. Work is underway for cleaning up the binding generator and bringing OpenGL 4.4 support on the desktop.

    There are separate projects that aim to improve interop performance.

    Android / iOS and ES 3.0 support is on hold, simply because I do not have a Xamarin license to test with.

  • MigueldeIcazaMigueldeIcaza USXamarin Team Xamurai

    thefiddler, we will be happy to give you iOS and Android licenses to continue this work; Can you email me? [email protected]

  • StefanosAStefanosA CHMember

    Thank you, email sent.

  • Great news to hear of some movement on this front.

    Open sourcing our Android, Mac and iOS specific changes and merging them into the upstream opentk

    @MigueldeIcaza I'm interested in the time frame for this, and whether it would include the source for AndroidGameView?

    I ask because we've been waiting a long time for a fix to this fairly serious issue:

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