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Having issues binding the Captuvo SDK to an iOS project

Hello. As part of a development project in my company we are developing an app that should make use of Honeywell Captuvo Sleds for barcode reading features. I've created a binding project to the Captuvo SDK using Objective Sharpie to generate the Structs and the ApiDefinitions, added the library files as a native reference to said project and built it with no errors.

Since the app is being developed in Xamarin.Forms I've created and implemented an interface ( ICaptuvoHandler) to make access to the binding project's classes in the iOS project (the binding project being referenced by the iOS one of course). I've managed to build and debug the app in the Simulator just fine, with the Captuvo object being recognized and showing data (mostly that to indicate that it's running in a emulator). However, whenever I try to deploy to a device and test if the Captuvo object is being properly initialized I get the following exception:

Wrapper type "LIMS.Mobile.CaptuvoSDKBinding.CaptuvoEventsProtocol" is missing its native ObjectiveC class "CaptuvoEventsProtocol".

I'm attaching the source code to my Structs, ApiDefinition, the interface and it's implementation, as well as the header file to the Captuvo SDK in a zip file. What exactly is being done wrong in my case?

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