Can not Run in Android API 12 with Xamarin.Form 2.0

ArielVieiraArielVieira USMember
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I am developing an application with Android API 12 compatibility. I am using version 2.0.0 of dll Xamarin.Forms with Visual Studio 2015. When I run my application in Android API 12 the exception is throwed (Java.Lang.NoSuchFieldError : In Field named = 'smallestScreenWidthDp') in OnCreate of MainActivity. Looking at the Xamarin site I discovered that these configuration options were added in API 13, I changed Xamarin.Form dll to version 1.0.33 and the application works. My question, Is there any way to set xamarim to not use this property?? If not, Is there any way to manually add this property in the configuration resources?

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  • ArielVieiraArielVieira USMember

    Yes I updated my development device to version 4.0 and now its works well.

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