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Linker SDK Only - Deserializing read-only members to ServiceModel.ExceptionDetail

HiddendepthsHiddendepths BEUniversity
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First, sorry for my english :smile:

Today, I'm front of an impossible problem...

I have an application in 2 parts :

1) Application in Xamarin Android
2) PCL (I use a PCL because the app need to call a WebService in WCF.)

In release, with Linker set to none, the app work like a charm but when I want to set the value to SDK Only (for reduce APK size). I got an error (See below)

Error on screen :

Stack trace :

The error raise in the AsyncCompletedEventArgs of the call's PCL

System information :
VisualStudio : 2013
Xamarin Plugin : Last version stable
JDK : 1.8.0_102
Android : 4.4 (Kit kat)

Can you help me ? If information is missing, tell me

Thanks in advance

EDIT : I think, I need to create an "linkDescrption" file like that

but i don't know what I need to put in this file..



  • HiddendepthsHiddendepths BEUniversity

    I have found the solution ! Finally, In csproj properties => Android Options => Linker, I have set linker to "SDK Assembly Only" and (just below) Skip linking assemblies to "System.ServiceModel" .

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