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[Not answered yet] Access denied to Packages folder on MacOS

Joshua.R.RussoJoshua.R.Russo USUniversity ✭✭
edited February 2017 in Xamarin.Forms

I'm trying to pull down a Forms project onto a laptop running MacOS Sierra. I created a Projects folder in my user folder, and cloned the repository into it. When I open the solution in Visual Studio for Mac it tries to restore the NuGet packages, but all of the attempts to access the /packages folder within that location throws an access denied error. I don't understand why I don't automatically have full access to the folder structure in this context. Could someone explain what I'm doing wrong?

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  • Joshua.R.RussoJoshua.R.Russo USUniversity ✭✭
    edited February 2017 Accepted Answer

    Ok, I found the problem. I had a space in one of the folder names and it didn't like that

    I thought I had found the problem but I mis-read the output. I'm still getting the access denied errors and I tried putting the local repository within the Documents folder as well, with no success

    Is there any way someone can undo the "Answered" flag to this response?


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