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Binding .JAR Library - Charset Problem

Hi Guys,

i am dealing right now with Binding .JAR Problem. I need to bind .JAR Library from Zebra Mobile Printer to my Xamarin Forms Project. I am following this manual from Xamarin:
I created Binding Library Project, set Jar Library as InputJar as stated in manual and I am getting still errors and DLL file was not created. I tried to set Library also to Embedded Jar but nothings changed. I am getting this error: "ByteCharset does not contain a constructor that takes 2 arguments" in 900 Files (Com.Zebra.Zq110.Charset.Cp437.cs). What am i doing wrong ? Or am I missing some reference ? Is there other way how to bind Jar Library to Xamarin Forms Project ? I think this Library from Zebra has been obfuscated, and that's the reason why compiler/converter is getting this error. Below I am sending screenshots, how looks like my error list with some code and link to Zebra SDK. I will be very grateful for any help.
Zebra SDK: (ZQ110 Android Printer SDK v1.1)


  • RodrigoCollaoRodrigoCollao USMember ✭✭

    Where you able to fix this?
    Is that the right way to bind a Jar Library to Xamarin Forms project?


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