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Building a Xamarin.Forms app for smartphone and tablet

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I'm working with Xamarin.Forms for a couple month now but only on Smartphones. Now I want to build a app which will be later used on Smartphones and Tablets (Android and Windows 10). What do I need to know in advance? For example what is about the UI scaling and the order of the UI elements? Are there any tutorials which shows whats important to know in this case?

There will be also a Backend for the app, is there anything which is against using REST with Xamarin?

Thanks for every help.

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  • xWeSTxWeST USMember ✭✭
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    Thanks for your very fast response.

    The Xamarin site has a couple tutorials on doing some specific UI things if you want. For example, a single page menu on a phone is fine: Its a 4-6" screen. On a 10" tablet you may choice to display an alternative screen rather than just a scaled up version of the phone screen. But those are choices, not requirements and will depend on your app.

    Yes thats one thing what I was thinking about. But how is it possible to do this if I develop the UI with XAML? Do I have to create two different XAML pages and check with the Code-Behind if I'm on a smartphone or tablet?

    I also found this Blogpost from 2015:
    Is this still up-to-date and do I have to "Add Tablet Support" ?

    Lets say my App will read some information with NFC and will send it to a server and will also receive several data from the server. Do you think REST will be a good idea to work with Xamarin or is it a no-go and there are better solutions to do this?

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