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Xamarin.Forms App: Logging to the cloud

Hy all
What we would like to achieve:

  • Log our log-entries from our Xamarin.Forms application (used on Android Devices) somewhere to the cloud.

I'm a litte bit confused with the following terms:

  • Xamarin.Insights, Application.Insights, HockeyApp, Visual Studio Mobile Center

What we are using right now:

  • HockeyApp for beta-deployment and Crash Reports

What is currently the best method to log somewhereto the cloud?
Should we use the crash reports from HockeyApp also in our production environment?
Is it correct, that right now HockeyApp should not be used as a logging plattform, because the custom event feature is no suitable for log-entries (it is limited by unique events per week and it's not possible for example to show all the entries from a specific user ordered by Date)?

Thanks for your help,


  • yousufctecyousufctec USMember ✭✭✭

    Visual Studio Mobile Center is the next generation technology that combined both Xamarin Test Cloud, HockeyApp and so many things. You can do the following things in Visual Studio Mobile Center:

    • Build your apps automatically with every pull request
    • Test apps on thousands of real-world devices
    • Distribute passing builds to beta testers
    • Monitor apps for crashes and bugs
    • Learn about real world usage with mobile analytics
    • Connect to a mobile backend for automatic scaling and to add important cloud services like offline data sync, tabular data storage, and end-user authentication services

    Visual Studio Mobile Center is currently in preview and you can try it in your app with a trial account that will give access to limited set of all features and gives you a clear idea.

    Btw, Xamarin Insights is an analytics tool that answers vital questions about the health of your apps and provides comprehensive details on what kind of users you have and how they interact with your application




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