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I created a newbie-friendly open-source starter kit to help spin up Android and iOS apps quickly.

bcafazzobcafazzo USMember ✭✭

I’ve been working with Xamarin for just over a year now and in the entirety of my time working with the tool I have never found it easy to start a project from scratch. Every time I’ve created a new cross-platform Xamarin Froms project there has been a problem: libraries not being compatible with the base configuration, code not compiling out of the box, project configurations being completely broken, etcetera.

I asked my employer if I could work on a starter project to make our spin-up time on new mobile projects much shorter, and they told me I could and they told me I could even open source it.

So here it is:

This mobile template project contains examples of Views, Themes, Observables and Reactive Properties, Dependency Injection via Autofac, Unit Tests via xUnit, Crash Logging via HockeyApp, asset catalogs for both platforms containing icons and launch images, custom renderers, and more. It is all built using PCL libraries (dotNet standard support coming at a later date as Xamarin rolls out their support for it) and should work right out of the box.

The readme on the github page contains descriptions of the features, getting started steps, common issues, how to get rolling with continuous integration, and more.


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