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Xamarin.Controls.SignaturePad.Forms.1.4.0 under Release/AppStore configuration acting strangely

GadiPazGadiPaz ILUniversity
edited January 2017 in Xamarin.Forms

I'm using SignaturePad component version 1.4.0.
Currently I'm using VS2015 + Shared project + Xamarin.iOS (In ther future i'll need it also for UWP & Android).

When I build with Debug configuration the SignaturePad works greate.
But if I build with Release or AppStore configuration the the SignaturePad doesn't render on the screen,
The view is completely blank.

So I went to the iOS project settings and noticed that "Optimize code" is checked on Release/AppStore and unchecked on Debug.
I unchecked it and now the SignaturePad works as expected while build with all of the configurations.

Maybe somebody can explain why?
It looks like a quick and dirty workaround


  • GadiPazGadiPaz ILUniversity

    Can you please explain why "Optimize Code" influence on Nuget behavior?

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