XS - How to use a custom linker?

I'm working with the Blackberry Dynamics (formerly Good Dynamics) SDK which requires the use of a custom linker to meet FIPS compliance. Previously, this could be accomplished by passing mtouch arguments gcc_flags="-B {path.to.custom.ld}". The -B flag told gcc to look in the {path} location for an ld file (and other toolchain files) before attempting to use the system default locations.

This does not appear to be working anymore, and I'm wondering if it has anything to do with the switch to clang? The custom ld file is a script which points to a blackberry sdk ld depending on the build's target architecture, but the echo statements in the script do not output to the build log and the compiled and linked executable seems to have been linked by the standard system linker. Can anyone let me know if there is a different set of flags to use, or if my flags are correct why the echo statements are not shown in the build log?




  • We have the same issue but only for simulators builds. It seems that switching to Beta/Alpha channel solves the problem. Then the custom linker output can be seen in the build log.

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