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FreshMasterDetailNavigationContainer Navigate to targer page

Hi, I'm new with Xamarin and i used FreshMVVM framework by @MichaelRidland for my project.
My question is how can i navigate to the target page when i click something in the Menu since there are no bind command.
I used FreshMasterDetailNavigationContainer() for Menu.

Below are my code for FreshMasterDetailNavigationContainer.

var masterDetailNav = new FreshMasterDetailNavigationContainer ();
masterDetailNav.Init ("Menu");
masterDetailNav.AddPage ("Contact Us", null);
masterDetailNav.AddPage ("About", null);

What i want is, When i click "Contact us" from the Menu it will navigate to Contact Us screen.

Is there anyone can share their experience or give me a hint for this.

Any help and suggestion is appreciated. Thanks Guys

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