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VST for Mac run problem


I created for testing a solution with 3 out-of-the-box projects (Portal Lib, iOS and Droid), so no extra code added. Everything builds but when trying to run the iOS project:
"Start without debugging I get a message "Cannot execute /Users/xxx/..../TestApp.iOS.exe" -> where is this .exe coming from ??!!
"Start with debugging" -> nothing happens

Anyone any idea what I'm missing?



  • CraigAllen.9105CraigAllen.9105 USMember
    edited January 2017

    Having the same problem. Solution compiled, deployed, and ran on a physical Android device after initial installation but, after re-launching VS for Mac, solution now compiles successfully but fails to deploy and run. It simply stops after compiling with no errors logged in the build output.

    I have cleaned my solution; removed application, Mono, and Android support software from the device; and re-booted the Mac, with no success thus far.

    Follow-up: won't deploy to and run on an emulator, either.

  • Seems to be fixed in Preview 3. Will report back only if negative results occur upon further use.

  • LimaMikeLimaMike GBMember

    Just had the same problem. What worked for me was
    1) Clean the solution
    2) Clean the project
    3) Build project
    4) Run item

  • LimaMikeLimaMike GBMember

    BTW - VS Mac Community v7 b3146

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