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Xamarin Mac Agent to a remote Mac

I want to be able to access a mac outside of my local network. I read that I could use port forwarding to achieve this, and I know how to access those controls on my router. However, I am unsure how to achieve this with Xamarin. Has anybody done this before, and would be able to provide me with some insight? Thank you.


  • arwatsonarwatson USMember ✭✭

    I am not sure about the Xamarin implications. I would think that this would be transparent to Xamarin, except for specifying the port number. The external MAC is presumably behind some kind of NAT firewall/router. If that router IP is, then you could open a weird port to the outside world , say port #8888, and forward that to the MAC inside the network with whatever that IP is. I have not played around a lot with this in Xamarin, but if you see the Mac when you put in your IP address configuration here) then Xamarin is fine and your port forwarding is working. If Xamarin CANNOT see it, it may be because the Mac has to be a on a certain port? Not sure about that, in any case you could test with some remote connection software on the Mac just to make sure that your port forwarding was working to isolate whether it was configuration or a Xamarin limitation preventing the above from working.

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