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Component Store Login Fail from Xamarin Studio

Steps to replicate:

I try to add a component from Xamarin Studio from the store.
I choose a component and click on 'add to app'.
It asks me to log in. I log in correctly (as I use the same username/password combo that I use at, and when I use a bad password I get a login failure). I curse the fact that I can't just paste my password in. I also curse the fact that this operation requires a login at all.
I see a brief flash of the previous page, and the login page appears again. No component is added.
I repeat for days on end, but no change.
Frustrated, I post to this forum.

Been happening for about a week now. Is there something wrong with my account? What do you need to use free components?

Current workaround is to just download them directly, but this isn't as convenient and causes delay.



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