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Best pratticer for Login on CrossPlataform without storyboard

Hi guys, this is my scenario: I'm creating a cross-plataform app and for IOS I'll not use storyboard.

I'm facing a few questions about how to make it correctly and have no idea.
First, my AppDelegate should check if I'll open a NavController for Login/Register/ForgetPassword views or the Home of app (checking if the user is authenticated or not).

If he goes throught login, after doing the login how can I change the navigationcontroller for a TabController? Is it correctly?

I'm a newbie in Xamarin and IOS too, so, any ideas are welcome


  • rmenezesrmenezes BRMember ✭✭

    Why I don't wanna use Storyboard? I can have one Storyboard for login and another for the main application.

  • FGNLeandroFGNLeandro BRMember

    Hi rmenezes, thanks for your answer.
    I feel more confortable about creating interface in code behind. I have 3 or 4 screens ready and working but I'm confuse about navigation, because it's my first mobile app.

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