Navigation Page Android Problem

Hi, i have a problem with Navigation Page because it work correctly in 2 page, but if i go to the third page not update the GUI for example the input in the Editor is hide or the WebView looks empty but work. If i use the PopModalAsync work correctly but with PopAsync not work. someone can help me?


  • Patil2421Patil2421 USMember ✭✭✭

    @MestParisi It depends how you pushed your page, if you've used the Navigation.PushAsync then PopAsync will work PopModalAsync will work if the page is pushed through Navigation.PushModalAsync

  • MestParisiMestParisi ITMember
    @Patil2421 i found that is a problem with the MasterDetailPage, because i use the detail page sa a new NavigationPage but in the Detail's pages the pushAsync doesn't work fine because not update gui. So i use the pushModalAsync. I have this problem only in Android. In iOS all work fine.
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