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CocosSharp project templates for Xamarin Studio

RamiTabbaraRamiTabbara AUMember, Xamarin Team Xamurai

To make it easier for users to dive into CocoSharp we're providing project templates for Xamarin Studio targeting either iOS, Android or Mac platforms; as well as a hybrid iOS/Android Mobile target which includes a PCL to store your common shared code.

To get your hands on these templates, launch Xamarin Studio and from the Xamarin Studio menu select Add-in Manager...


From the Galleries tab, select CocosSharp and install the CocosSharp project template add-in, which will now update the list of Solutions you can now create. Specifically within the list of C# solutions you should now have CocosSharp projects for

  • Android
  • iOS/Classic API/iPad or iPhone or Universal
  • Mac/Classic API
  • Mobile Apps

provided you have all the necessary dependencies.


For each of the available targets, we have provided an empty project as well as a showcase project that samples some of the features of the library.

Any CocosSharp project created will have the most current corresponding NuGet package installed, allowing you to create projects when working offline. Of course, as with any NuGet package added, when online you'll be informed of any new available releases.


Finally, we've also added a CocosSharp file template for creating your own custom CCLayer's which are the main classes for housing your game content.


Overall we hope this makes setting up your CocosSharp project a much more enjoyable experience!


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