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XF on Android: From a notification action, how can I start my app then navigate to a specific page?

I'm somewhat new to Android, so be gentle. I have a notification with an action "Accept" which launches a non-UI activity to process that the user has accepted something and navigate the user to a specific page like a dashboard. This is all fine and good when the app is running or in the background, but when the app isn't running and I tap "Accept" from the notification, the app looks like it tries to start but immediately crashes. My app does require authentication so I need some way to launch the application with "something" that will allow me, in code, to navigate to a specific page after authentication.

Being new to Android I realize I may or may not be taking the right approach on this. If anyone can point me to some docs, or some feature, or something it would be greatly appreciated!

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  • MarkErickson.91MarkErickson.91 USMember ✭✭

    @ChaseFlorell Thanks! It does look like Prism would work. Do you have experience with Prism? Just curious what, if any, pitfalls I might encounter trying to replace my current navigation with Prism. Thanks again!

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