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Cannot run Xamarin.UITest on some devices/mac

JulienCurroJulienCurro USMember

What could be the reason for that failure :

07-12-2016 11:09:34.863 +01:00 - 125342 - Running: /var/folders/.../xdb/DeviceAgent.iOS.Dependencies/93c12f73043a2d14eea9d417ab080eb4/bin/iOSDeviceManager start_test -d ...
07-12-2016 11:12:44.024 +01:00 - 314505 - Exit code '0' received from '/var/folders/.../xdb/DeviceAgent.iOS.Dependencies/93c12f73043a2d14eea9d417ab080eb4/bin/iOSDeviceManager start_test -d ...'



  • JulienCurroJulienCurro USMember

    I am still getting that issue on a specific mac (it seems it is not related to the device being used). The DeviceAgent app launch and close, as usually, but the app being tested never start.

    I am pinging the app correctly, I have deleted both the tested app and the DeviceAgent one, deleted temporary files in /var/.. restarted mac and device, but nothing seems to work...

  • JulienCurroJulienCurro USMember
    edited January 2017

    It looks like it is related to our wifi. Tests are working on the 1st one, but they are not on the 2nd one...

    @Glenn.Wilson Would it be possible to have the complete list of network requirements in order to get local tests working and eventually an explanation of how those requirements can be checked ?

    At the moment I know that the calabash-ios server uses 37265 port, by default, for HTTP communications related to the queries.

    I think that I am checking correctly if that works like that :

    $ DEVICE_ENDPOINT=http://...:37265 calabash-ios console" + a basic query.

    Now I discovered that since iOS 10, the new DeviceAgent seems to be using port 27753 only for HTTP I guess ?
    Can I check that networking is ok with that curl command ?

    $ curl http://...device_ip...:27753/1.0/ping

    Is there another port being used ? in my logs I never go after the "start_test -d" command.

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