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Xamarin for Visual Studio Error in Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise with Updates

After a long time of quitting cross-platform development using Visual Studio, one year specifically, because of errors, I decided to try it again using the VS Enterprise 14.0. However, I'm still encountering error with this extension/tool that it now took me about three days troubleshooting Visual Studio.

So for some details, I have Windows 10 Education as my OS (64-bit). I then installed Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise with Update 3 which was downloaded from Microsoft Imagine (previously DreamSparks). I selected custom installation, from the installation disk, and included Xamarin in the process. The installation went smoothly except one SDK for Android (API 19 and 21). Visual Studio is working fine but I am still encountering something like a 'package' error.

Here is one of the example of these errors:

This pop-up dialog error still appears even if I go to Tools/Options/Xamarin in Visual studio. Thus, I can't change the directory of the Android SDK. I also tried repairing VS and it still can't install the SDK mentioned earlier. I'm starting to lose faith with cross-platform app development because of these bugs and errors. Enormous amount of productive time was lost (again) for me looking for the real problem here.


  • JohnMillerJohnMiller USForum Administrator, Xamarin Team Xamurai


    Could you update the ActivityLog.xml file noted in that error dialog?

    Another step you can take is to delete the Visual Studio's MEF component cache directory as well:


    Then, relaunch and see if the same errors occur.

  • OrlandoLewisOrlandoLewis PHMember
    edited January 2017

    Unfortunately, updating/deleting the said cache didn't solve the issue.
    Well, I was now able to run Xamarin perfectly with Visual Studio Professional 2017 RC.

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