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IOS Xamarin Cloud Test : Calabash linking error

I am trying to upload IPA to Xamarin Test Cloud from from Jenkins. After the build when its trying to upload I get following error. The same IPA works fine when uploading through Xamarin Studio.

Couple of things I have ensured:

1 . Compiler options - ENABLE_TEST_CLOUD

2. Xamarin.Calabash.Start

Currently I am using following package for Test Cloud

Uploading UITest.dll... 33%
Uploading UITest.dll... 67%
Uploading UITest.dll... 100%
Uploading UITest.dll... 100%
Upload failed. Response:
Status: 400
**{"error_message":"The .ipa file does not seem to be linked with Calabash framework."}
**Build step 'Execute shell' marked build as failure


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