I am unable to connect my Mac Virtual Machine to Visual Studio

1) I am giving correct IP of my mac machine.
2) I already have turned on the Remote Sharing of MacOs.
3) I have tried turning off my windows firewall and defender.
4) I am giving correct Admin Credentials.

Still the Visual studio is unable to connect to my Mac Machine. Please let me know how can I solve this issue?


  • HOLHOL USMember


    How do you get ip address and user name of the desktop installed MacOS ?

    For example:
    $ ipconfig getifaddr en0

    $ whoami

    Please retry with ip address and user name retrieved by this way.
    If you did already like this, please tell me soon.


  • JamshaidKamranJamshaidKamran PKMember ✭✭

    In Remote Login it gives my mac Ip address. It pings very well, but it will not allow me to connect to it.

  • ruslan.0788ruslan.0788 BYMember

    problem not solved. help, please !

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