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XAML previewer not working, shows "Invalid XAML: Sequence contains more than one matching element"

sunfishsunfish USMember ✭✭

I'm new to Xamarin, using Xamarin Studio community version 6.1 (build 5441) and Xamarin.Forms version

I'd like to use the new XS feature to preview XAML files, but the previewer doesn't seem to work for any of my XAML files, not even for a new templated content page XAML. On the top of the previewer it reads "Invalid XAML: Sequence contains more than one matching element" (see picture attached).

What am I doing wrong? Many thanks!



  • ChaseLongChaseLong USUniversity ✭✭

    I also encounter this problem with Xamarin Forms on Visual Studio Professional 2015 Update 3. I see this when trying to use the iOS previewer. For reference, I run Windows 10 in a virtual machine and connect to a Xamarin Mac agent running on the host OS (macOS Sierra).

    I suspect Xamarin Forms Previewer would provide a huge boost to my productivity, but I have never been able to make it work.

  • harikristaharikrista USMember
    edited February 2017

    I found the cause of this problem. If you have added same package twice ( one in PCL project and another in projectname.iOS or projectname.Droid ) this causes the error in xaml previewer saying "Invalid XAM" . I removed the package added in iOS project then it worked.

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