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ScrollView scrolling issue while using with Storyboard


I am having an issue for scrollview with xamarin studio for ios
I am using storyboard

When I add label as subview of srollview, scrollview does not scroll at runtime.
I checked its scrollable property to true as well set its contentsize.
But it does not allow scrollView to scroll if we add controls from storyboard.

If we add scrollview and its subviews programmatically, it works fine.
Problem arises only when we configure using storyboard.


  • auam88auam88 MXMember

    I'm experiencing this problem too.

    If a UITableView, UIScrollView or UICollectionView are generated with the Storyboard, the scroll won't trigger if the content height changes.

    Did you find a way to solve this?

  • DannyNLDannyNL USUniversity ✭✭
    edited February 2015

    Had the same issue still bugging me. Could not find the answer here though it's very easy.
    Also was unable to find it on Xamarin guides or recipes, so just for reference purposes...

    To add a ScrollView via a Storyboard perform the next steps:

    Drag a UIScrollView onto a ViewController
    Set the desire size in the layout panel or drag the size via constraints to be bound to your ViewController.
    Drag one or more UIView type controls within your UIScrollView.
    Go to the ViewWillAppear override and set the UIScrollView ContentSize (must be bigger than it's own Size).

    e.g. ScrollView.Size = CGSize(300f, 300f), should have something like ScrollView.ContentSize = CGSize(500f, 500f)

    The last step was keeping me from reaching my goal, and the many questions seen, many people.
    Hope this helps...

  • BPadmavathiBPadmavathi USMember ✭✭

    hi iam using multiple TableView controllers in one view controller,so it's doesn't srolling how to scrolling vertically please help me.

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