What is difference between Main.storyboard & .xib

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I am totally confused :neutral: can any one tell me the difference between those two files that i mentioned in question ! i went through some tutorials in those some of telling that avoid using of Main.storyboard and use .xib files as well as others telling that try to use Main.storyboard.

Which is better approach for doing Mac project as single page application ?????????



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    This StackOverflow post may be useful: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/13834999/storyboards-vs-the-old-xib-way

    But the short answer is that they are both ways to shove object graphs of UI objects into a "magic" file that Cocoa can inflate later to show your configured UI.

    Storyboards are the "new" way of doing things, and most new documentation will assume you are using htem.

    xib, also called nib, files are the "older" way of doing things, and a lot of existing documentation will reference them.

    Storyboards often contain large chunks of your application's UI, where people often will split up each window/view into their own nib.

    The biggest "gotcha" I can think of off the top of my head is that if you create a new view controller template in XS right now, you'll get a xib created for you. However, if you define your viewcontroller in the storyboard, you can just delete the xib file and bind to one in the storyboard.

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