Controls in UIScrollView Not Lining Up

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I can't seem to figure out why this is happening. I have a xib file, and I place a UIScrollView in it, sizing it the same width and height as the View. Whenever I place a subview in the UIScrollView, doesn't matter what (UILabel, UIButton, UIView, etc.), the label of the control is positioned different than the actual placement of the control.

Check out the screen shot. I placed the button in the upper left, and you can see it's selected, but look where the text is. It makes it so hard to layout controls this way. I've tried setting constraints, and even turning off AutoLayout.

Anyone else experience this? To duplicate, add a new ViewController in Xamarin, open the xib in Xcode, place a UIScrollView in the main view, then drop a Label (or anything) on the UIScrollView.

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