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We have been using the following SVG plugin:

But often times the SVG images we get cause run time errors. Is there a known validation util out there for Xamarin SVGs. The SVGs that fail in our Forms app usually look fine in Adobe Illustrator. There isn't much documentation that I have noticed that at the very least tells you what will fail. An online groomer / validation util would be ideal.



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    @pmhart83 said:

    The SVGs that fail in our Forms app usually look fine in Adobe Illustrator.

    'usually' ??? = It sounds like you're saying that sometimes they don't even look right in Illustrator. If they're bad and Illustrator can't handle them, then there is no reason to expect any other utility or plug in to be able to handle them.

    What is the source of the SVG files?

    For the ones that do open in Illustrator here's a test.
    Make some tiny tiny change, then Save As... to a new file.
    Now test the new file in your Xamarin app.
    Does the newly created and probably more correct file work okay?

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    You are reading between the lines way to much. They work fine in Illustrator. I just said usually casually, I have not ran into an issue where they don't work in Illustrator but I used the word "usually" to add wiggle room for the unknown. Just assume Illustrator works.

    The SVG I am working with now is very big and complex. There are tools out there for Android to convert SVG to their XML like this:

    We need something like this conversion tool for the Xamarin SVG plugin. Going through this huge file line by line and seeing the compiler say it does not support the polygon shape is too much dev time.

    Our UI team uses a prototype tool called Sketch which then look fine in Illustrator. But there is no guide on what tags work and how many tags are allowed for this plugin. We have a range of working images, but the one I am looking at now is a complex background image with too much data for hand grooming.

    There are tons of HTML / XML validators out there. That is what I am looking for.

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