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Left toolbaritems in xamarin forms

EllenKEllenK USMember ✭✭

Currently we can not place toolbaritems on the left side, on default. It's possible to write a renderer for the ContentPage on ios.
See for an example.
But I find this code not very beautiful and it feels a bit tricky to use it. It would be nice if we can place toolbaritems on the left on default.

I talked with John Miller from Xamarin about this and he said that it does not make sense on other platforms than ios. I can agree on that, but I don't like the current solution either.

I hope that Xamarin comes with a solution on this, since it's a very common situation. (Cancel ------- Save for example).


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    Hello -- this thread is being closed because it does not follow the guidelines posted in the Please Read First thread.

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    Please read the "Read me first" post.

    Even if it's the right season of the year, this is not the right place for wish lists. This part of the forum expects proposals, not feature requests, and the proposals have to follow the right format or they're closed, as I'm closing this one.

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