Azure B2C Authorization


Where do I find the value for Authority when using the Azure B2C?


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  • Simba1999Simba1999 USUniversity

    Thank You so much!!!

  • Simba1999Simba1999 USUniversity

    I have one more question how do I handle Post Login Authentication if I the login is successful so I can grab the values that were entered on the sign up screen to my custom azure sql table.

  • KennyInFLKennyInFL USMember

    I followed Pierce's instructions and have login working. I get back a unique client id, but I have no idea where to go from here. I too would like to retrieve the user info, such as email and the fact that they just signed up. I am completely new to OAuth and Azure AD. I have read so many pages that give all kinds of snippets and technical details, but I can't find a single tutorial that walks you through step by step explaining how all this works.

    The best I can tell is that there is the initial login, where you get the unique client id, then you have to go back for an auth token (how?), then go make your call requesting the user data (how?)

    Can anyone explain this process clearly?

  • ThomasBuissartThomasBuissart FRMember

    Hi Pierce Boggan,

    I've tested your sample for Azure AD B2C. And I get the same result as in my Xamarin.IOS project, when signing in with social account like Google.

    Meaning that sometimes it is a success, sometimes I get a generic error from Azure Ad B2c.

    And what is strange is that sort of error never happens on Xamarin.Android project.

    In Xamarin.IOS, the error occurs sometimes during the process of login (even when the workflow is not completed)
    Or after a successful login on my Social Account.

  • MuhammadAliMuhammadAli AEUniversity

    @PierceBoggan Hi The api is now changed. Do you have an updated code?

  • nialmcshanenialmcshane Member ✭✭

    Hi @PierceBoggan,

    I have followed your example from the blog post and managed to get it running. I have been looking at a way to log user in directly from my app with a username and password field and came across this which I have tested and have returning a token with expiry etc.

    Would you be able to direct me on how I should go about storing these details in my app and how I should go about checking whether it has expired?

    Do I still use Microsoft.Identity.Client or need to find a different solution?

    You will have to pardon my ignorance but I am pretty new to Xamarin.

    Thanks in advance,

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