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No Shadows?

Using the AppCompat theming however nothing is showing shadows at all, everything is flat, even when increasing elevation of elements. FloatingActionButtons, CardViews the ActionBar and NagivationDrawer is all flat. I have done research all over the internet and found nothing on this issue. When scrolling I can see that the ActionBar has a white shadow almost if I look at it on a blue background but there is no-where to change this?

I have attached a couple of images showing the issue that I am having. On one of the images where you see the email and phone icon is actually in a cardview which is the same colour as the background, I did check beforehand by changing the colour that it is actually there.

Here is some AXML that I'm using:


And the themes:

Also on a side note, anyone know what I have done to get the action button in the bottom right on the navigation bar?


  • AlexDunnAlexDunn USMember ✭✭✭

    What version of Android OS are you running? AppCompat doesn't apply the default shadows to devices below 5.0 because they completely changed how they handle shadows / elevation.

    If these screenshots are on a <5.0 device, can you try it on something >5.0 device / emulator?

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