Why Xamarin.iOS needs Android SDK?!

Hi guys,
I want to build a Xamarin.iOS application on Windows. I've read the requirements on Xamarin official website and there is:

  1. a Mac computer, network-accessible from the Windows computer,
  2. XCode on it
  3. and Xamarin.iOS on it

So, I just downloaded Xamarin Studio. I accepted terms and choose Xamarin.Mac and Xamarin.iOS:

and then...

and finally I see...

Xamarin said that it needs "JUST" Xamarin.iOS on connected Mac. Why Android SDK?! and remember I unchecked Xamarin.Android...

I know 90% of developers clicks "all, next, all, next, all... ", but for me it's really unclear and confusing.

So.. Is it even possible to install just Xamarin.iOS, like requirements say?

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