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Let's light the fire again, PCL or Shared Code solution?

LanceKingLanceKing USMember ✭✭

First off.. I know, this question and the "Should I use Forms or not!?" question get asked again and again. But, after searching our forums (yes, I was a good question asker and searched first) I'm not finding the up-to-date specifics I'm looking for.

So, ready your cannons, and fire away!

I'm new to Xamarin, and I'm researching everything I can get my hands on that's related to Xamarin. But today I came across this:

"Any Xamarin.Forms control that allows Content to to be set, or that has a Children collection, can add platform-specific controls. For example, an iOS UILabel can be directly added to the ContentView.Content property, or to the StackLayout.Children collection. However, note that this functionality requires the use of #if defines in Xamarin.Forms Shared Project solutions, and isn't available from Xamarin.Forms Portable Class Library (PCL) solutions."

While I'm becoming a huge fan of the Forms/PCL/XAML approach, tidbits like this spook me. I was under the impression that even with a PCL solution, if I wanted to implement something native... I could. Is this not the case?

As of the most current Xamarin updates, what limitations exist that could be show-stoppers for a Forms/PCL/XAML mix? Primarily interested in iOS / Android, but I'm sure plenty of people reading this would appreciate other platform show-stoppers too.

Any and all insights are welcome.


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