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What's the minimum installation on macOS (while developing cross-platform in Windows VM)?

Hi, I'd like to build a cross-platform app (all mobile, macos and windows). I have a macbook pro, but I would like to work in VS2015 in VM running in VMWare Fusion. I would like to keep my macos as clean as possible. I know I have to install xcode.

What else MUST be installed on macos? Do I have to install Xamarin Studio?



  • IshThomasIshThomas USMember ✭✭

    I saw it, there is a list:


    • A Mac running OS X Yosemite (10.10) or higher (although we recommend the latest stable version).
    • Xamarin iOS SDK.
    • Apple’s Xcode(7+) IDE and iOS SDK (we recommend the latest version from the App Store).
    1. What's the difference between Xamarin iOS SDK and iOS SDK?
    2. Do I have to install whole Xamarin Studio to get "Xamarin iOS SDK" from the list?
  • ClintStLaurentClintStLaurent USUniversity ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited November 2016

    I'm running a MBP 13" (mid 2010) with 4gb of ram just as my iOS build machine. macOS Sierra 10.12.1

    All my actual development is on a Win10 PC with Visual Studio 2015 (and now trying out VS2017), TFS source control etc.

    Visual Studio for Mac is out (preview) - I've installed it on my MBP and run it enough to check it out but not gotten hugely into it. Seems good. It is the replacement for Xamarin Studio so you might as well get onboard at the beginning rather than have to change and re-learn later.

    FYI: XCode is 8.1 now

    I don't seem to have a problem with VS2017 communicating with the MBP... My solutions build and run on my 2nd Gen iPad, iPhone7plus as well as iOS simulators.

    My 2 cents of advice: Trying to be minimalist in installs is always more trouble than its worth. You find out a month later you're missing x,y,z... Some other Android build tool is missing... You have everthing you need for debug but can't deploy release to the market store... blah blah... There's always something when you try to save 10gig of drive space that just isn't worth the headache it causes later. For what its worth: Install everything under the sun and accept it the added 30gig of drive consumption as the overhead of being a developer. Its just the cost of doing busines.

  • IshThomasIshThomas USMember ✭✭

    @ClintStLaurent I think you totally didn't understand what I meant. I didn't mean to minimize number of installs in general. Totally not. I want to work in VS2015 for Windows, want to work on Windows and want to have all my development stuff on Windows virtual machine. So my mac is clean and all my dev stuff is separated in virtual machine. BUT, I know it's impossible. I know that you must have Xcode installed.

    The questions are:
    What's the difference between Xamarin iOS SDK and iOS SDK?
    Do I have to install whole Xamarin Studio to get "Xamarin iOS SDK" from the list?

  • ClintStLaurentClintStLaurent USUniversity ✭✭✭✭✭

    @IshThomas Ooohhhh... Yeah, I had that totally flipped around.
    You have to have XCode. 8.1 is latest.
    If you want to develop for Android, then you need all of that stuff (as detailed on the Xamarin site)
    I'd probably still install Visual Studio for Mac and tick on everything it supports since that should in theory be everything you need on the Mac side. Personally I (me mind you, not what you or anyone else should do) but speaking for me... I'd still install everything under the Sun for development. What's it going to hurt?

  • IshThomasIshThomas USMember ✭✭

    It's just Xamarin, as a great tool as it is, really love to not work and often throws weird exceptions:( 99% of the time it's a configuration problem and not the code. So I like the idea of keeping it separated. I have few virtual machines. So I just need what's really necessary on my mac

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