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How can i fix this technical problem , please ?

ChoulaChoula TNMember
edited November 2016 in Cross Platform with Xamarin

I just recently installed Microsoft Visual Studio with Xamarin on Windows10 build 10586
When I create an Android app and I try to debug it everything goes well and the emulator starts and opens the application
But when I create a Cross Platform project (Xaml app (mobile Xamarin.forms)) this error message appears
The link of the first image :
I continued as if nothing happened but everytime where I Debug with ios or Windows phone everything goes well ... but when I Debug with Android, it doesn't.
the error list:
The link of the second image
I installed the SDK Manager, I did all the updates, I did "change" and "repair" several times with the tool that installs Visual Studio but it didn't work
I need help , please
Thank you
P.S: I use Visual Studio 2015 , the french version


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