sd card or external storage in Xamarin Forms - Android only

I'm using Xamarin Forms to develop android only applications. I need users to be able to access a csv or json file somewhere on the device so they can copy it off the device.

I have tried the example "working with files" and Pclstorage. I have also tried to install pclstorage extended (but it will not install).

I have also tried the email plugin to email an attachment but the file never gets attached.

This is my second week of Xamarin development and I could do with some help.


  • PeteSuffolkPeteSuffolk USMember ✭✭

    I had not seen that but I was using the "working with files example" and I have included the file writing code into the example.

    I have two issues still:
    1. If I use Xam.Messaging.Plugin and add an attachment to an email. it looks like it works but the attachment never gets sent.
    2. I can save a file of json and read it back but unless the device is rooted I can never find it with a file explorer. I could do with writing to the sd card which I am struggling with.

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