How navigate from XF to native and vice-versa while passing data

I am new to XF and need your help to resolve a problem ;)
I switch from an XF ContentPage to an native Android activity via MessagingCenter:
MessagingCenter.Send(this, "message", new NativeNavigationArgs(new TestPage()));
That works fine. When I press the back button on my Android device, I am landing on the XF ContentPage, that is fine.
Now I want to pass data from my Activity to my XF ContentPage. I can navigate back with
on my Activity, but I think that I can’t pass my data to my XF ContentPage with this.
So I just need to get this data to my XF ContentPage, if I have to change my whole project, I will do, but I got no clue how to achieve my goal.
I hope you can help me and thanks in advance.
PS: I have tried the samples from the xamarin git:
Forms2Native and Native2Forms
First one works well, but I can’t manage to understand the second one.

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