How to solve " AppKit Consistency error"

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Recently I've converted our Mac Class app (that has been working fine 'in the field' for a year or so) to the Unified API, and since then we've been experiencing occasional exceptions along the line of "AppKit Consistency error: you are calling a method that can only be invoked from the UI thread". I'm not using any threads or async techniques, so I'm a bit puzzled as to how / why this is happening. As there any methodical way I can resolve this issue?

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  • I think it could originate from a callback used in a AppKit api call.

    Look through your code and put any UI related code after a callback in:

    InvokeOnMainThread(() => { 
        // UI CODE HERE
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    Sjoerd and Chris - thanks for the responses. Chris, especially, I appreciate it, your reply is very comprehensive. I've been working through the application, looking for and - hopefully - fixing issues. Guess I've had the luck of the devil so far as I seem to overlooked these problems for the initial release of the application. :(

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    The full exception information we have logged is:
    Message: AppKit Consistency error: you are calling a method that can only be invoked from the UI thread. Source: Xamarin.Mac at AppKit.NSApplication.EnsureUIThread () [0x0001f] in <379018de32e5466391eaea99f15edc7a>:0 at AppKit.NSWindow.get_WeakDelegate () [0x00001] in <379018de32e5466391eaea99f15edc7a>:0 at AppKit.NSWindow.get_Delegate () [0x00001] in <379018de32e5466391eaea99f15edc7a>:0 at AppKit.NSWindow.EnsureNSWindowDelegate () [0x00001] in <379018de32e5466391eaea99f15edc7a>:0 at AppKit.NSWindow.remove_WillClose (System.EventHandler value) [0x00001] in <379018de32e5466391eaea99f15edc7a>:0 at <productname>.View.Core.FSBaseListForm.Finalize () [0x00000] in <8817c6b956f7423c90ba1431191f9134>:0

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    @ChrisHamons said:
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    Thanks again, Chris.

    Reading this, we're calling stuff from FSBaseListForm's Dispose method that uses AppKit, which is not kosher.

    Pretty close - I was unsubbing from an event:
    WillClose -= HandleWillClose;
    ... in the destructor for FSBaseListForm. I've since worked out that was a bad idea!

    In most cases, it is not a great idea to do anything w\ AppKit in Dispose methods. Even if you BeginInvokeOnMainThread over to the UI thread, it's still happening at an unknown "random" time, and isn't the safest pattern.

    However ... where is the best place to unsub from an event handler? I've read that 'Dispose' is the best (in a general C# sense, not necessarily for Xamarin Mac), and have also read on these forums it's better not to use event subscriptions at all, but rather create a delegate for the object and do all the handling in there.

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    So under the hood, in the deep dark magic of generator.cs we do magic to convert the obj-c pattern into "nice" C# event. While I'm happy to go into detail if you wish, the rough idea is when you sub for a C# event:

    • Make sure someone else didn't assign a delegate already. If so, scream.
    • Make our own delegate that overrides everything and has a C# event for each
    • Assign that to the delegate
    • When we get the call, invoke the correct event

    Using the C# events is fine, especially for simple use cases, but when things get complicated I often suggest falling back to implementing the correct interface and assigning yourself to the delegate. It can make memory management significantly less tricky.

    Often the correct answer on when to unsub is when you leave the visual tree (assuming you aren't doing magic and dynamic removing/readding youself to the visual tree). ViewWillAppear/ViewWillDisappear on NSViewController for example.

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    Thanks, Chris, I reviewed the entire code for the project in light of your comments (and other handy posts I found on the forums), making changes where necessary (i.e. in many places!) and testers are reporting no more issues.

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