November 17th, 2016 - Minneapolis, MN - Encryption Fundamentals and Mobile Code Signing

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Join us for our November event sponsored and hosted by Frank Markovich of FrankoSystems at Bald Man Brewing. This is a FREE event and a great opportunity for networking and the latest insights in mobile development.

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November Topic - Encryption Fundamentals and Mobile Code Signing

Mobile Software development introduces code signing concepts that many developers have never had to deal with: developer certificates, provisioning profiles, signed applications, etc. Just how does all this work? At the heart of it all is encryption and in this session we’ll:

Explore conceptually what’s really going on behind the scenes.

Go over encryption basics.

What are Public/Private keys and how they work.

How the app stores use digital signing.

Presented by Kyle Estes
Kyle Estes is a long time software developer and former race car driver. He was on the original team that developed the Polaris Ride Command mobile app written in Xamarin and currently is the Lead Data Architect at Polaris.

About the Group
Led by local developers, the Minnesota Enterprise Mobile User Group is a place to come together to share knowledge, experiences, and lessons learned with the development community regarding enterprise mobile development, with a focus on mobile cross-platform application development and the Xamarin toolset. Our goal is to cover all areas of the Enterprise Mobile landscape.

Thursday, November 17th
6:00 - 6:30 PM - Social time featuring catered in food and drink token
6:30 - ~8:00 PM - Presentation and Discussion

This meeting is hosted and sponsored by Frank Markovich of FrankoSystems at Bald Man Brewing.


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