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No android devices come up on the debug simulator in Xamarin Studio

OsianOsian GBMember

Hello all,
I have just started looking at creating a cross platform app and when I create an iOS and Android cross platform I can only see iOS simulators in the selection section. But as soon as I just create a android app I can see all my android simulators.

How would I get my android simulators to show up on cross development?
Thank you



  • ChrisRChrisR USMember

    I am also experiencing this problem. The devices show up if I choose an Android only solution, but if I choose a cross-platform solution there are only ios simulators present.

  • ChrisRChrisR USMember

    So, apparently, you must right-click on the Android project and choose "Set as Startup Project".

    You will then only see android emulators and wonder where the ios ones went...

  • triplumitriplumi ROMember

    Yes, that was the problem... Very easy to forget that..

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