Experiences with Xamarin Studio on 4G macMini?

I understand the _minimum _requirements to run Xamarin on a Mac, and I've read about others experiences with macMini's running 8G or more of RAM, but I'm curious to hear about experiences on machines with only 4G. I've got one (macOS Sierra 10.12, 1.4 GHz, late 2014) and it's ultraslow when I try running Xamarin Studio. But I'm very new to the Mac world and don't know if it's the hardware or something else I might have installed. I thought I'd ask--I know others are curious--before trying radical things (like wiping the machine and reinstalling the OS).


  • TroelsThistedTroelsThisted DKMember ✭✭
    edited November 2016

    I have one that i use as my MAC for develpment - it is a unpleasant experience. Everything is super slow and not fun to work with! I cant remember the specs on it, but it is around 1 year old!

    EDIT: Ahh, didnt read it all... i dont use 4G on it - sorry :/

  • al_colburnal_colburn USMember

    Thank you for responding, Troels. I'm not sure they sell macMini's with anything less than 4 GB of RAM, so I think I've got the idea--it'll be slow!

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