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protection Level of a View

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I have a Problem:
I have made a TableView with ViewCell.xib, TableViewCell.cs, TableSourceClass.cs, ConstantsClass.cs and the Controller.cs

In the viewcontroller I have a 2nd view which is Hidde at the beginning:
NameOfView.Hidden = true;

In the TableSourceClass.cs i have the Method RowSelected():
when I select an item, it gives me the name currently as an alert:
new UIAlertView("Alert", "You touched: " + arrName[indexPath.Row], null, "OK", null).Show();

How can I now set NameOfView.Hidden = false?

I tried with "Controller.NameOfView.Hidden = false" but visual studio say me: NameOfView is inaccessiable due to its protection Level.

Can someone help me solve the problem?

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