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Newbie - Text bunching

I am so very new to this and an old man who is trying to do something for our charity. Wish I hadn't put my hand up but still.
I have just started - have little coding but that is very little.
I have tried using xcode and was researching and came across xamarin so thought id give it a go - first time around I have managed to muck something up just not sure what.

I have a story board which has a master viewcontroller that has two others [First View Controller] & [Second View Controller] & I have also managed to create a third [View Controller]. So far so good.

I then added A label to each 1.[First], 2.[Second], 3.[Third].
Also then I added two buttons to each and labelled them as:
1. [GoToSecond], [GoToThird]
2. [GoToFirst], [GoToThird]
3. [GoToFirst], [GoToSecond]
There may be better ways but still

I then control drag each button to the respective viewcontroller I believe creating a 'Segue'. Still so far so good.

The problem however is that when I run this the simulator gives me the first screen OK.... Then I click the button and the next screen all of the labels are bunched up in the top right of the view and that is that. I have tried all sorts of things with layout tools to align left/center/ etc on the Storyboad they look perfect.

I have saved an image, the left portion of which is the Storyboard view and the right the simulator.

So any advice I will ( eventually ) go through tutorials and stuff but this should be the simplest thing.

Cheers, Stephen

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