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How to use SyncFusion Charts for Android and UWP

LorenoArlaLorenoArla USMember ✭✭
edited October 2016 in Xamarin.Forms

I'm new to Xamarin and I'm still learning how to build apps with it. I'd like to know how to use charts in my apps. I heard that SyncFusion has really nice plugins for that. Unfortunately on their website, documentation says that in Xamarin.Forms only iOS and Android are supported. Despite this, they have UWP verison of their controls. Is it possible to use those in my Xamarin.Forms project? How can I do that?

If someone wanted to help, please try to provide step-by-step instructions. I'm really still figuring things out and even easy stuff is hard for me.

//EDIT On SyncFusion website I claimed a free Community licence. Now, I don't even now how to use any of the SyncFusion controls. There's a 200MB EXE download, but also there are packages on NuGet. What should I choose? I can't find a guide that ould describe it.



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