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Swipe a List of emails

Hello and thank you for your time,

that is a tough question because i found nothing about that topic. I would like to understand how to swipe horizontal throw a list of emails very similar to the Is it possible to build that in Xamarin Form ? I tried already CarouselView, that works very good with pictures but what is necessary for emails. Do I need a ListOf, but that did not work.

Thanks you very much for your ideas.


  • Jesse_JiangJesse_Jiang USMember ✭✭✭

    You can put CarouselView into ViewCell, and use these viewcells in a listview

  • MarekQMarekQ USMember

    thank you for the fast answer.

    If I have Listview, what happen with the webviews ? I do not really understand your idea sorry. Does it mean that a email is a ViewCell ?

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