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DarkTheme not applying to all controls. My misunderstanding? iOS primarily.


New to Xamarin Forms but written several Xamarin Android apps before. This is my first forms app in which I am focussing more on iOS part to learn.

Anyway, using LightTheme and DarkTheme new functionality. On some screens all elements pick up DarkTheme (e..g list view) but my TableView based Settings screen doesn't at all. In fact only a single Entry control does inside a ViewCell on the page. I thought it applied itself to all standard controls and could be extended further via StyleClass?

Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. I can post code/screenshots if needed.



  • NeilGilroyNeilGilroy GBMember

    Hi, Here is some extra info:

    XAML is this structure:
    ContentPage -> ContentPage.Content -> TableView -> TableRoot -> TableSection -> ViewCell -> StackLayout (with a label and a button commonly).

    The only control on the entire page which gets themed correctly is the Navigations action and a single Entry component. Nothing else.

    Attached is a screenshot of what it looks like. NOTE - Im still working on the UI! I know it looks horrible! :)

  • NeilGilroyNeilGilroy GBMember

    And even more info - it does work fine in Android. The TableView renders dark... so I guess its somehow unique to iOS. Anyone else seeing similar issues?

  • NeilGilroyNeilGilroy GBMember


    Still no package updates on the themes, so issue still there for me despite numerous X.F package updates.

    I see the issue on iOS/Android SwitchCells (the label part renders wrong colour on dark theme and is invisible) and TableView (intent="Settings") on iOS.

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