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Has the certification process moved to been more Forms orientated as was previously announced?

Also our company purchased MLS licenses but my university subscription still expires at the end of 2016. This has been raised via our CSM and via a university support ticket (Which wasn't responded to). I don't feel I can start the process until this is resolved but no one seems interested about this issue.


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    Hi @NMackay, I'm going to defer your 1st question to our Curriculum Manager, Adrian Stevens.

    As for the MLS purchase, your team admin has the new XamarinU Licenses and have not assigned them so we went ahead and assigned one to you. As of today, you'll have until 9/21/17 to access Xamarin University. If you have further questions regarding this, please DM me and we'll make sure you're connected with your account rep.

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    Hi @NMackay, yes the new certification requirements are more focused on the Xamarin.Forms and cross-platform classes. However we still include the 101 and 102 Android and iOS classes; it's very valuable to understand the individual platforms, especially when creating Effects and Renderers.

    You can see the updated requirements here: https://university.xamarin.com/resources/certification

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    Thanks, for some reason we couldn't activate my licence specifically at our end, the other two were fine (maybe because my licences was enterprise previously and is MLS now). I can see it's Sep 2017, thanks for looking into this.

    Thanks for confirming, the platform specific stuff is really useful. We're porting our apps to UWP as well (which has been fun), you can get by without training (most of the blocking issues are bugs and poor distribution capabilities) but I'm a little surprised it's not covered at all.

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